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  • Join today to receive the love and support from Anita Charlot - Your Dating and Relationship Coach that will teach you how to...

    • ASK for what your REALLY want
    • BELIEVE that you deserve to have it AND that you CAN attract it
    • ATTRACT the 'perfectly imperfect' man that is waiting to give it to you
    • MAINTAIN a healthy and authentic relationship once you've attracted him

    Want to have the quality of life and love that you've always wanted?

    As a monthly member, you will receive the following benefits...

    • 25% off at the Virtual Bookstore where you will find books, courses, and workshops to heal your heart, increase your confidence and prepare you to attract and improve the quality of your relationships.
    • Special Opportunities to earn revenue when referring other members to the group.
    • Priority seating at the #RMC events so that you can sit with your sisters that are also on purpose.
    • Substantial discounts on #RMC branded merchandise so you can show the world that you are serious about loving authentically.
    • Substantial discounts at #RMC virtual events and #RMC Coaching Programs.
    • Access to special NO REPLAY #RMC videos so that you can continue your growth even when your schedule does not allow you to attend live.
    • Access to special #RMC only products, services, and tools so that you don't have to "guess" about the quality of the services you receive to attract your perfectly imperfect mate.
    • Quarterly #RMC meet and greet events for you to get to know your fellow sisters better and how you can support and uplift each other. This will include the opportunity to meet members of other coaching courses which will potentially expand your sister circle as large as you want.
    • Be the first to learn about special opportunities to learn from other coaches in my network.
    • Receive the love, support, inspiration, motivation and encouragement you need to finally open your heart again...this time knowing exactly what you need and with the patience to wait for it.

    And so much more!

    And even though you can't put a price on having the relationship you've always wanted and the sisterhood you've never had, your investment is only $29 monthly. As our community grows, you will not only see the value in sisterhood, but you will also notice the HUGE SHIFT in the quality of love you will begin to attract in your life.

    just in case you were thinking "I have friends, I don't need a group like this," let me share a little bit of information with you...

    That group of girls you roll with...are not able to support you in the manner with the same level of support that you will receive from this community; not even your family. They don't know your pain, they are incapable of being objective and you shouldn't expect them to.

    Stop looking to those that WANT to help you but don't have the TOOLS or experience to do so.

    STOP taking advice from your perpetually single friends or better yet, all of you all can join together...where else can you find this type of love and support for less than $10 a week?

    Sign up today for $29 a month and heal your heart, get the tools you need to get your mind, body, and spirit in order...so that you can attract and maintain the relationship that is right for you!!!!

    See you in the group!!!

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