Seriously Sexy Program FAQs
1. What if I am unable to attend each class?
You will be granted access to a private Facebook group in which you will have access to all weekly agendas, notes and recorded videos.
2. What if I don’t live in Chicago?
All classes on virtual. If the program you signed up for offers a retreat, you will be provided the dates ahead of time to plan your travel.
3. Is any portion of this program refundable?
No. Since this is a virtual/digital program, no parts of this program are refundable, including the Save My Seat portion.
4. What if I can’t pay all at once?
PayPal offers free financing for certain purchases. You are more than welcome to use PayPal credit or set up weekly payments of which you will be responsible for even if you decide to drop out of the program.
5. Is the “Seriously Sexy Weekend Retreat” included in the price of the program?
There is an option that includes the Seriously Sexy Weekend Retreat activities. To attend the retreat, you must have attended the Complete Program. The cost includes the weekend retreat activities only; travel, most meals and accommodations are on you.