Core Curriculum

Learning to attract the quality of life and love that you want starts from within.

Crying yourself to sleep, dealing with people who do can’t seem to give you what you want is never going to get you the love that you so desperately want. Trust me, I know from experience.

Here at the Relationship Architect Academy, it is our goal to help you attract and maintain the quality of love that you want by breaking down the faulty programming, designing the relationship that you’ve always wanted and providing the tools to help you heal and complete the necessary internal groundwork to take your dating and relationship experiences to the next level.

This growth has been proven to happen automatically as you move through our core curriculum building confidence, strength, momentum, love, honor, and respect for yourself along the way. Which in turn makes you even MORE attractive to the spirit of the person that is perfectly-imperfect for you.

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Your Dating and Relationship Coach,

Anita Charlot