5 Ways to Spiritually and

Emotionally Disconnect

From Your Ex(es) ~ $29

This course is for those women that are tired of…

  • Crying themselves to sleep at night.
  • Feeling like she’s already tried everything to get over him and it hasn’t worked.

And is now ready to do THE WORK necessary to have a long-lasting transformation.

“Let go of the past and open your heart to the future. Sometimes we can’t have healthy relationships because of our past relationships that hurt us and we may feel that we still ‘love’ someone we shouldn’t. We have to learn to let go and live a real life because some people are like poison to our minds. My friend Anita Charlot has an amazing course on how to spiritually disconnect from your ex. It’s awesome. She’s awesome.” Diana Lovell ~ Actor and Entertainer

Actor and Entertainer

“Anita Charlot’s course – 5 Techniques to Spiritually and Emotionally Disconnect From Your Ex is a powerful solution oriented program to support men and women in breaking free from the emotional, psychological and spiritual chains that keep them from creating and maintaining healthy relationships. If you’re truly ready to break free from old patterns and create the relationship of your dreams I highly recommend that you gift yourself with this course.”
Michael Taylor

Author, A New Conversation With Men

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You're In Control

You do not have to do them in order.

You Can Use Them for Exs...and even Family and Friends

These exercises are universal and can be used with any relationship, not just your intimate ones.

You Can Do Them as Often as You Need To

After years of learned behavior, it may take time for you to work through your past. No worries, you can do one (several times) or all of them at any time, for any relationship.

You Can Do Them Even When You're Away from home.

With the visualizations shared in each exercise, you can quickly recall them when you find yourself thinking about them. Instant recall…instant relief.

You're Not Alone

By taking this course you are joining the community of women that have gone before you and have done the work to “grow through” their past pain.

I'm here for you!

Finished the course and feel like you need more? No problem just hit the contact button below to schedule talk time with me. I’d love to partner with you!