Trying to make sense of it all? Still thinking about him?

Can’t seem to move on? Then this is the webinar for you!


Introducing the Seriously Sexy Dating and Relationship Webinar Series.


The first Live Webinar will be on July 9 at 8pm CT. Girl F’Him – It’s Time To Let Him Go!!!

It is absolutely FREE but you must register to receive the dial/login information.

This will be hosted through ZOOM and will not be on Facebook Live; there will be no replays – unless you are a member of my monthly Dating and Relationship Mastery Women’s group. Relationship Masterclass/Dating and Relationship Mastery Group – No need to register; information will be placed in your group for you.

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There are no replay options, once completed this webinar will be in the Academy for purchase. However, those members of the monthly Dating and Relationship Mastery Community will receive the replay for FREE in the community group.

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ZOOM seats are limited!

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